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Poster. Monument National Theatre, "The Wandering Jew" [1934].

Poster. His Majesty's Theatre. Text includes (translated from Yiddish): Sunday, April 1 [1934] Second day of Passover from 1-11PM. Mat Simon in "A Yiddish Mama" with the wunderkind Cantor Shmulekil / Hymie Jacobson and Miriam Kressin in "The Sailors Sweetheart" / Canot Waldman in "Kol Nidrei".

Flyer. Exhibition of Paintings by Meyer Ryshpan (between 1947 and 1969).

Poster. Montreal Cantorial Society. Includes the following text (translated from Yiddish): Montreal Cantorial Society / Yosselle Rosenblatt Memorial Evening / Wednesday July 12 1933 9:00PM / Congregation Beth David / Isidor Popliger - Chairman (1933).

Flyer. Sholom Asch's "Modern Children" in three acts. Translation from Yiddish: His Majesty's Programme: Monday, March 5 1934 / Sholom Asch's "Modern Children" in three acts / Dramatized by S. Sokolsky [Actors include Maurice Schwartz] (1934).

Flyer. Jewish Public Library / Jewish People's Univeristy programming, "Warsaw in Jewish Eternity in History and Literature". Translation from Yiddish: Jewish People's University / Jewish Public Library / Marks the completion of the 12th year of study with a Graduation Evening / Dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising / Sunday May 3 1953 / Jewish People's School Hall / 5210 Waverly / Warsaw in Jewish Eternity in History and Literature / P. Trepman, M.C. (1953).

Flyer. Jewish Public Library literary / musical evening with Isaac Gotlieb, "My Land, My Poetry". Text includes (translation): Literary / Musical evening marking the new book by Noah Isaac Gotlieb, "My Land, My Poetry" / SUnday May 11 1958 8:30PM / JPL Auditorium (1958).

Press release. "Friends for Spreading Jewish Art". Translated text: Friends for Spreading Jewish Art / Harry Daniels - Artist / Album with 6 Paintings / Hershel Wolovsky (1933).

Poster. "The Voice of Israel". Additional text: All Jewish Talking Picture / Midnight Show, Saturday November 26th, at 12 p,. sharp also Morning Show, Sunday, November 27 at 10a.m. sharp / Melodies of Our People Sun by the World's Greatest Cantors / Joseph Rosenblatt / David Roitman / Seidel Rovner / Joseph Shlisky / Mordecai Hershman / Adolf Kachko / Sheila Engelhardt / Joseph Shapero / Louis Waldman (1934).

Poster. "A Room for Rent" Bebe Trepman, Pianist, Leib Apter and Bernard Halpern / Library Auditorium / Saturday and Sunday January 30th and 31st, 1954.

Poster. Musical programme "A Great Cultural Celebration". All text translation from Yiddish: A Geat Cultural Celebration / Kalmar Marmor Anniversary Celebration Friday June 5 8:30PM / 5 Mount Royal West / With a Musical Program / The Monteal Yiddish Choir / Directed by Y. Rosmarin / Kalman Marmor will Lecture: My 40 years of Literary Activity [1936].

Card. Opening of the Sholem Aleichem Centenary Festival (1959).

Pamphlet, programme for the College of Jewish Studies (YIFO), Jewish Public Library (1956).

Literature, Music & Cinema