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The Robacks through the 1920's

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Mama and Papa's Family: - continued: - Lottie and Rebecca spent some of the summer in Shawbridge, P.Q. with Baba and Zehdeh Steinhouse, Aunt Rose was there too, with her children, Ida, Moe, and Julius. 1923

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Mama and Papa's family (continued). Annie also went to Shawbridge at Baba's for her vacation, some of her friends went along too. Summer 1923.

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Mama and Papa's family (continued) odd pictcures of the children and their friends taken during 1922-1923.

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Mama and Papa's family (continued) off pictures taken at [illegible]. Year 1923

Exterior snapshot.

Set of photographs - Roback Family Album. [graphic material], Jewish Public Library Archives, pr015214b

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Mama and Papa's family (continued). Annie and her friends on vacation at St. Martin, P.Q. and also Rose, Norman, who used to be her beau, up and married her 2 years later. YEAR: - 1924-1925

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Mama and Papa's Family - (continued) Annie and her Norman and friends enjoying the country. St. Rose 1925

Exterior snapshot.

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Mama and Papa's family (continued) Annie and some friends go for a trip to the 1000 islands, for their vacation and have lots of fun

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Mama and Papa's family continued: - Papa passes away suddenly, on the street while delivering a sink to a customer, September 27th 1935 at the age of 63. Papa has never been a business man. He loved books,  and cultural activities. He had been a co-founded of the Zionist Movement in Montreal, (see "History of the Jews in Canada," by B.J. Sack, Vol. 1 page 219).

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Mama and Papa's family (continued). We have now moved to a big house at 5801 Esplanade, Henry did all the papering, painting, etc and the house looks lovely. Léa is in France, Harry is working in N.Y. Lottie is getting to leave for N.Y. to take up a nursing cruise. The year: - 1926-27

Snapshot of Lottie in New York.

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Mama and Papa's family (continued). Norman and Annie take Léa driving to Ausable Chasm one Sunday afternoon. Summer 1925.

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Mama and Papa's family continued: A rare picture of Papa on the stairs of the house [?]. The girls are in their teens - Annie and Norman are married. [illegible] 1927. Lea is working in N.Y. - 1926. The year: -1927

Snapshot of Michael and Leo

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Mama and Papa's family (continued). Harry is leaving for [illegible] Germany to study medicine - Rose and Caesar get married in August, Rebecca is working, Michael and Leo are at school. The years 1927-8 to 1932

Snapshot of Rose

The Robacks through the 1920's