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Léa at Home and Abroad

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Léa second form (continued)

Portrait of Lea Roback, 1940

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Léa the second form, never married - travelled extensively in Europe, studied in France and in Germany

Studio portrait of Lea Roback

Snapshot of Lea Roback, 1931

Schermützel See, Germany. Summer / 31

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Mama and Papa's family (continued). Pictures taken at random - In August 1923, Léa and Annie went back to Beauport to visit with friends, they had a swell time and showed off smoking their first cigarettes! - Very citified, you know. YEAR 1923-1924

Snapshot, August 1923

Snapshot, Beauport QC, 1923

Léa and friends, Outremont Woods, 1924

Léa at Home and Abroad