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Three Generations

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Mama and Papa become engaged in March 1900, and married in March 24/ 1901 - Mama was 16, and Papa was 29. Mama and Papa were married at the Oddfellows Hall, D. Auteuil St. Quebec.

Studio portrait, 1903

Ten children born, one died at birth, the names of the children in order of birth are: Harry, Leah (to be known as Léa), Annie, Rose, Lottie, Rebecca, Joe, Michael, Leo. All married except Léa.

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Our Paternal Grandparents: - Baba and Zehdeh Roback. Parents of including Papa, Auntie Lottie Helfeld, Auntie Esther [illegible] and Uncle Abe, well known psychologist, author and lecturer - Uncle Abe has written numerous workson Jewish thoughts as well as on psychology. He is an international figure in the realm of psychology and Jewish literature.

Exterior snapshot of Baba Roback.

Baba passed away the 10th April, 1932 at age of 86 years of age. Baba had a beautiful singing voice, was a well educated woman, but was a emotionally erratic. She and Zehdeh divorced, and each remarried again.

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Our Maternal Grandparents: Baba and Zehdeh Steinhouse. Parents of including Mama, Uncle CHarlie, Aunt Rose Lewitt, Uncle Joe and Aunt Annie Silverman.

Studio portrait.

Zehdeh passed away the 22nd Sept 1932 at the age of 69.

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Mama and Papa's Family (continued). It is September, the children number 5, and anotherone is on the way, [text cut off] became Rebecca the sixth form. Harry is 8 years of age, Leah is 17 months younger (Harry), Annie is 19 months younger (Leah), Rose is 24 months younger. Lottie is 20 months younger than Rose is.

Studio portrait of Roback children.

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Mama ans Papa's family: - odd snaps taken of the children, from 1917 - to 1952 (continued as successive [illegible]. Beauport, P.Q. where the family lived for 15 1/2 years, earned a living as owner of store. Left Beauport in 1919. –

Studio portrait.

Mama and Papa's family continued: - odd snaps of some of the children, taken at London [illegible] - Beauport 1918-1919

Exterior portrait, 1918.

"As I used to be!" Beauport 1918