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Mama and her brood:- Rose and Marc and Edgar came from Ottawa, they are coming back to live in Montreal again, Michael and Gertrude and Leo had brought a friend back to attend the Seder, Aunt Rose, Cousin Ida were also present and of course Mama, Lea and Rebecca and Joe. Leo took Papa's place and he conducted [illegible] the Seder. Seder night April 1940.

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Mama and the children (continued) YEAR!- 1940-42


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Mama and the children continued: - The war is hard on Mama - she works for the Red Cross and prepares packages for the boys- Mama and the millions of honest people the world over wants Peace- Years 1942-1944

Exterior snapshot of Rebecca, Rose, Jeannette, Leo, Gertrude, Fanny, Caesar, Marc and Michael

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Mama and her children (continued) - It is the New Year, 1952 (Jewish) Sept 19th at night. Lottie arrives from N.Y. on the hokiday week-end - Mama serves supper, the children and the children's children were present (excepting Rebecca in N.Y., Harry in Cleveland, and Lorraine who gave birth to a boy Sept. 14th who is still in hospital. There is great joy in the family, Mama is a great-grandmother for the first time. Annie and Norman are grandparents. Berl and Elana are present. Marc, Rose's son takes the pictures.

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Mama and the children (continued). Pictures printed at random.

Exterior snapshot of Fanny and Lottie in Florida, January 1951

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Mama and her family continued! - Pesach 1953, (March) at Seder - Betty and Arni are guests and enjoyed being with the family.

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Mama and the children: - Seder night, April 1952. Besides the children, we invited Julius (1st cousin) his wife Frances and their little girl Barbara, age 4. What a pity we can't see all of thier happy faces:- Mama, Joe, Leo, Jeanette, Lorraine, Caesar, Marc (Edgar was away). Frances and David and little [illegible] were home.

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Mama and her family continued: -This is Mama and her nine children - The morning of Berl and Eleana's wedding, May 24- 1953 (Annie and Norman's boy)

Family portrait.

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Mama and her family continued: - It is the morning of Berl's wedding day, May 24th / 53. The family get together to take pictures. Missing are Eleana, Berl's bride, she had a cold, Lottie's [illegible], who was ill and their two children Michael and Barbara i N.Y. Harry's Betty who had just had an operation, and their children, Maude [?], Sonny, Bilsy (in Cleveland).

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Mama and her family continued. May 24th- 1953, the morning of Berl's wedding (Annie and Norman's boy) pictures are taken as a remembrance of the occasion.

Family portrait.

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Léa continued. Sept. 1952- At a tea where a few friends got together to give Bella a "Bon Voyage" get together - Bella was on her way to Europe.

Interior snapshot

Interior snapshot

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Léa continued. Bella with some friends at dinner in a restaurent; Paris Jan. 1953