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Hebrew Grammar

Marini,Marco, and Giovanni De Gara. Arca Noe Thesavrvs Lingvae Sanctae Novvs.

Venice: Apud Iohannem Degaram, 1593.

Marco Marini, 1541-1594.

Marini, a Christian Hebraist born at Brescia (Italy), learned Greek, Arabic, Chaldean, and Russian. He served as Pope Gregory XIII’s translator; as a censor and expurgator of Hebrew books and ensured that the Basel edition of the Talmud (1571-1581) included a number of mutilated passages.

He also produced the first published edition of the Targum Yerushalmi, as well as rabbinical texts that would elucidate the Bible.

Arca Noé (“Noah’s Ark”)  is a massive 1650-page dictionary which opens with a declaration that the Hebrew language, letters and punctuation alike, was "divinely inspired at the very beginning of the world”.

Across from the cover page is this large illustration of Marini, labeled with his name and age (51) in Latin. Figures of Moses and King David stand on either side of him

The JPL copy’s binding includes a coat of arms that indicates it was once owned by Gabriel Guillaume Pavée de Vendeuvre, a member of France’s National Assembly in the 1820s-30s and a renowned bibliophile.